In Bucharest!!!

We made it to Bucharest and have wifi! We spent the afternoon touring the people’s palace, the second largest government building in the world. It was built under Communism and is 23 stories. 12 above ground and 11 underground and 66,000 square meters. It was smokin impressive.

Then we did some shopping and exploring of Bucharest and now we are wrapping up our time with some debriefing with Jordan White leading us through some final thoughts and then we head to bed. We leave early in the morning!!!!

See you tomorrow night








Wrapping up our Time

Hello!!! This is our last post. We are waiting to leave our hotel to head out to Bucharest! It is a 3 hour drive and we hope to visit the peoples palace today. So far we have had a great debrief and have been challenged significantly by the leaders to really think through this trip. Janine shared last night about personal time with Jesus and about making a plan before we get home on how we are going to grow. Everyone was taking notes and really thought through how to keep their relationship with Christ strong. Pray for us that we would finish well and process what we need too. Love you all.

Morning Debrief Video blog

Good Morning!!! Here’s a quick video of us this am!

Made it to Transylvania

Hey all!!!

We have shaky internet here, but enough for an update! We made it to see Dracula’s Castle.
The car ride was amazing and we ate a lot of junk along the way especially old sweet tooth aka Jordan a White. While on the road Jordan drank 4 bottles of pop, ate a large shawarma, ate 1 ice cream, consumed several animal crackers, mini donuts, 5 cent candies, snake bread (pretty much a massive donut) and nachos. Man that guy can throw down. By the time arrived at the hotel we thought he might be full, but I guess he was hungry by supper. He ate two servings of soup, two entre’s and two desserts. I think he is coping and missing Cait and the boys.
Anyways, we had a great day together and just wrapped up a debrief where Courtney shared and challenged us to think about having a godly perspective. Now Jordan White wants to take a walk to the corner store to get snacks before we watch the Dutch, Brazil soccer game. Miss you all and see you soon.



Hi all,

Hope you enjoy seeing everyone!!!

VLOG Morning Day 5…



It’s Brittany for a little bit! I did my VBS today which was lots of fun. We talked about how Jesus feeds the five thousand. The girls also had their first girls ministry with some teen girls from Momaia We talked about how God Can gives Hope. Then we made a craft with our shadows. I can’t wait to show!! We are stuck in a huge thunderstorm and the power is out. Almost everyone was crowded in the living room while a few of were in the dining room. YAY!! Craft Prep In The Dark!!! WOOO!! Our flashlight skills are extraordinary. I also heard that the boys ministry was lots of fun. We might get a guy to tell you guys a bit about that. Yay! the lights came back on!! Let’s see how long that lasts. We got our care packages today. As soon as I opened Dad’s card i cried so hard. I’m going to hand it over to my partner to tell you more!


Hello Friends and Family,

Its Gurski, so today Brittney, Jordan Sinnamon, and I had lots of fun doing our Vacation Bible School with lots of the children in momaia, but today we learned the from 1pm to 4pm is quite time in romania and the and the priest next door got a little upset with all the noise we were making. Since Brittney mentioned the girls night I will grab a guy and mention a little about the boys ministry. The boys went to the gym again to played football and handball, while enjoying that Jordan White shared his story. Overall they had a lot of fun playing with the boys from momaia. It’s rained a lot during our stay, I think Bree and I have showered in the rain three times it’s lots of fun that one memory that will last a life time. I asked everyone about what they think about their care package and their responses were… heart warming, amazing, some of us cried,  and sweet with all the candy. All of the students here are all in the fun and fit stage and we all are fighting the flight home, we are just having so much fun with all the children and being together. We all are a little upset that are stay is coming to an end but we all are very excited to come home to see you all. Lots of Love to all the parents but mostly to Greg and Angela 😉 ❤ 

VBS DAY 4 video blog


Hello everyone,

Today was another lovely and adventurous day here in Momaia. We started off the day with a solid breakfast and solo devos. We then got our ‘wifi devices’ confiscated, thus we are not able to connect with our friends and families, which we can handle but are disappointed from the actions. Then Megan, Bree and Jesse led us with probably the best VBS in history and the pig food was rank. Today there was a decrease in children but an increase in listening skills. We played an exciting game called capture the pig, and no, we didn’t play with real pigs. But overall, VBS went really well. Later on after supper, we had separate men’s and woman’s ministry where the girls stayed at the compound and the guys rode horse carriages to salla de sport and played soccer with some of the older boys from Momaia. The rain was coming down so hard, that it actually came inside the building from the small cracks on the roof. As they were on their way home, a car drove past and drenched them with dirty water from a MASSIVE puddle. They all laughed it off because theywere having such a good time.

The girls tidied up the house, we actually washed the floor on our hands and knees, but then it started pouring rain, so some of us went out for a good long shower! The girls who didn’t go outside stayed and make cookie dough, and yes, just the dough, we ate most of the dough, only a few cookies were made. After that we played catch phrase and watched an incredible sunset.

There has been the closest thing I have ever seen to a flash flood during the storm.

Fun Fact Moment!!

We are expected to get 30 litres per square yard of rain tonight, we’re still not sure how much water that really is but it sounds like a lot. When it rains here it pours.

At 10:00 we started this and it now bedtime so we have to go.


Jesse and Kira

PS: Thanks for the comments Mrs. Schweer, we love reading them every morning, because we know they are there waiting for us every day!!! Thanks and keep them coming!IMG_8731IMG_8234IMG_8257IMG_8553