I’m not sure where to start…

November 23rd, 2018.

Even though I’m not in school, I’m learning more than I would in any other place.  Haiti is not a 3rd world country, it’s a 4th, most on the team did not know that was even a thing.  And how you can communicate with someone even if you don’t speak the same language, I have no idea.  Our day trip took us from the chaotic mountain top markets, to the black sand beaches. Haiti is a beautiful place.

IMG_3441We took a break from painting today and headed to Jakmel for a “retreat”. For some, it was their first encounter of the ocean, in awe of every wave, shell, rock, coral, and grain of sand on the beach.  We helped a local fisherman pull his boat ashore, the crab we found and named Charlie, finally came out of his shell just to be picked up by one of the boys with the fisherman and thrown into the boat.

We did some touristy things like exploring gift shops, taking pictures, and walking through an art gallery.  The gallery we visited was indescribable.  Dark voodoo spirits filled the room, even though we weren’t in there long, their presence was overpowering, (we went to a church after for some balance).  The team went for lunch after the gallery, taking pictures of every large and astatically pleasing meal that was ordered.  After lunch overlooking a picture perfect, postcard ready, ocean, we did more shopping at little shop outside the restaurant.  The lady there was very proud of her little shop. Beautiful paintings, jewelry, metal figures and stone carvings covered multiple tables.



We headed back to Grand Goave, a very winding road with many people lining the sides. We are spending our evening in reflection with our experiences throughout the week.  Time alone with God.  It’s not too hard here.  Some found rest when looking at the waves, others, spied the full moon.  God is everywhere.



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