Are you kidding me??

Before this trip I found myself perhaps a little overwhelmed with it all. It was then I asked God “are you kidding me?”  It was not long after (later the same day) that I heard The Lord say to me “are YOU kidding ME?’  It became very clear that the events I thought “I” had set into place were actually long in the works by The Almighty himself. It behooves me to remain humble when I am reminded of this.

Today was another work day which included painting of the duplex, and perhaps for me working on repairs to the skid steer which has not moved in the last few months. I say perhaps because the mechanic (Jean-Rene) I had been working on it with yesterday was supposed to come back with a battery for it today. The day did start with paint work on the house for me. I rarely think about these things while doing them, but it dawned on me that people will be living here soon. I am just happy to be a small part of it and happy to do it. If I get called away before recess I will miss it. Before long I was sent for, and with a motorcycle ride back to Haiti Arise. Seems like l will miss recess today, which is too bad because it was a blast playing with the kids yesterday. Playing soccer with the boys yesterday and then being invited to and playing skip rope with the girls was a blast. Now who’s kidding who?!


I cannot recall a time when I ever been so happy to attempt to repair something I know little about. I am an automotive mechanic but earthmoving equipment is not something I am familiar with.  Clearly I can learn something here also.  I wanted it fixed but did not want it fixed because “I” was here. I wanted God to steal my show here. Jean –Rene and a Haiti Arise employee name Desi, and myself all pitched in. After sometime it did run, and we did find that was not the main issue. It would not move. Further checking revealed the wires had been chewed up by vermin. At least we knew what to do now. I had a blast and although I was dirty, sweaty, thirsty and even a bit tired, I had a great time visiting with them. We continued working and before long we heard the music from church, a service I was supposed to be at. I was assured by Jean-Rene that it was ok and that God knows. Turns out I got churched anyway. The music was loud enough and close enough that we could make it out. He sang along out loud and translated as he did so.  By doing this he reiterated what I has already been told about the Haitian people. That is, although many here are materially poor, they are spiritually rich.  Again something to take away from the experiences of the day. As I said, I did not attend church in the building sense. My teammates tell me though that they stood in awe as one of the older ladies in the congregation stood with her hands in the air praising the Lord the entire time. No big deal right? Did I mention that this was a praise/prayer service that lasted an hour and a half?

The work day did conclude, and after freshening up I met my team as they were just coming in from church. At this point is was supper time and wouldn’t you know it, we got treated to a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (for those friends of ours south of the border who celebrate is at this time).  This being Thanksgiving that means that tomorrow is Black Friday. I can assure you that there will be no blackness here as Jesus is alive and well in Haiti and the Haitians who call him Lord are eager to let his light shine. Our evening debrief was as usual on the roof and there again there was light. The full, or very nearly full moon, was shining so bright that we didn’t even want to sit in a circle as that mean some would have their backs to it. So bright, that we could see each well enough.  This same moon shines over our friends and loved ones back home. We all reside under the same sky. And we all need but One Love.

~ Johan

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