Joyful Moments in Uganda

October 3, 2018

Our time in Uganda has been an amazing experience. We have seen so much hope and joy in such difficult times for so many. We have met so many friendly, caring people.

One of the reasons we came to Uganda was to visit our sponsored child that we have come to know through many letters, pictures and updates through International Needs for the past 8 years. It was such a blessing to finally meet Specioza. She is a beautiful girl who does well in Secondary school, so happy, thankful for all she has and best of all, she loves Jesus. We had the privilege of joining her along with her classmates for their Sunday worship. They sang, danced, prayed and shared the message with such joy and passion.

One of our highlights during out time in Uganda has been visiting a few schools. We have been greeted with such excitement from the students. We will never forget all those smiling faces. We shared stories about Canada, they shared about Uganda; there was the singing of their national anthem with such pride. They were excited to receive a few gifts from Canada, but the big hit was the stickers! It was great fun going into the classrooms.

We also toured the Vocational School where students were taught welding, mechanics, sewing, and hair dressing. We learnt about the Disability Inclusion program. The importance of finding ways to include students with disabilities with other students or finding new activities from them.

We met several teachers and staff and we quickly could see that these students were taught well by every caring and compassionate people. Two of the teachers we met were sponsored children themselves and are now teaching other sponsored children. That is indeed progress!

We saw at one of the schools how two good meals were prepared for the students every day.  So important for these children. We have seen how life can change in such a positive way for these sponsored children.

It has also been such a joy for us to watch our friends – our team meet their sponsored children and visit their families. These families were so very grateful. We have had many emotional but joyful moments.

This visit to Uganda has been such a blessing to us and the people of Uganda will be forever in our hearts.

Blessing from Uganda!

Brenda and Gord

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