Greetings from Buikwe Uganda

Hello CrossRoads from Buikwe Uganda

We have just finished our third day on the ground in Uganda.  What we have done so far can never be adequately described in a blog – it can only be experienced.

The main purpose of this mission trip was to check out our support of the International Needs child sponsorship program where so many from Crossroads are involved. We are visiting schools, interacting with our sponsored children and visiting some of the families in their homes.  Everything we have done so far has been so rewarding.

On Saturday the experience of driving through Kampala and then on to Buikwe cannot be described in words.  Thank you Lord for getting us safely here.

Sunday Church in the Secondary School Church Service was so special.  Worshipping God with 200 plus students from Senior High who worship, preach and pray with their entire hearts was awesome.  We experienced the presence of the Lord in a new fresh way.  We have so much can learn from them.

Monday included our first visits to the schools and such fun for us. They were so happy and excited to interact with us. The visits to some of their family homes was both heart wrenching and rewarding.

The dust and dirt, the roads and travel conditions, the smells, the mosquitos and everything else that is new to us was overwhelmed by the joy of the relationships that were developed by the end of the day.

We have more days in Uganda and we are looking forward with eager anticipation to what God has planned for us.

When the great Missionary David Livingston died in England he requested that his heart be buried in Africa.  By then end of the week when it is time to return each one of us will say that we will leave a part of our hearts in Uganda.


Harv & I always felt it a privilege to sponsor children through IN but it was so far away logistically… that it never got up close and personal… until yesterday.   We have supported a 13 year old young boy for 8 years now but this spring lost touch, thinking he had moved from his school & village.  We spoke of him with the IN contact here yesterday morning and she told us he is back in school and well.  Our hearts were so full and we recognized God’s blessing in reuniting us.  To meet him and be able to love on him after all these years was an emotional moment.  We also went to his home to meet his mother and bless her with a basic food package which wouldn’t make much difference in our culture but would make a significant impact in her world. Our hearts were so full last night and we cherish these memories.  To see the difference in the life of a child, home, community and country that a sponsorship can make was an eye opener

Please continue to pray for us.

The 2018 Uganda Team.

Harv & Lois,   Gord & Brenda, Lawrence & Vickie

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