New People, New Revelations

Everyone is here and the atmosphere is incredible. The only thing I can attribute that to is God. With all the different nationalities and different cultures here, it’s an unbelievable unity that we all have.

As the families arrived yesterday many of us went down to the dock to welcome and help them come up to the dining area. We were told the families were very conservative and not to do this and not to do that, so I was nervous about greeting them as I didn’t want to offend them, especially on the first day. To see the smiling faces, waves, and hugs being exchanged was an answer to prayer. I think I was more afraid than they were.

I’m currently sitting here listening to the drumming encouragement as the woman climb to new heights on the climbing tower. What an incredible group that we get to serve. Also a great reminder to not put anyone into a box. It seems they are blowing away all my beliefs of these families.

It is a delight to see how open each of them are. They will gladly sit and tell us their life story not guarding their heart for us. They want real relationship and aren’t afraid of it. A great reminder of how God wants our relationship to be. How we can bring anything to him and he longs to connect with us. May He continue to show each of us more of who He is as we serve here.


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