Porto Astros June 15, 2018


We have finished our first full day at Porto Astro’s. We arrived yesterday afternoon in haze after being awake for more than 30 hours and after a good swim we hit the hay. Today was a day of breath taking moments. From waking up to a beautiful view to swimming in a glowing sea. Go on you say?.. ok I will.

This camp is amazing to experience. Everywhere you look there is so many accents and beautiful hand made pathways and walls. The camp has been literally been carved out of the hillside. Pathways and cabins and little spots everywhere to pray and enjoy nature. Everything here has a story of generosity and faith, that is , the whole place has been a journey of walking with God. We spent the day preparing for a camp that starts next week to bring families together to learn more about Jesus. Since early 2000 this camp has been providing a safe place for many people to learn more about God’s truth and love for us.

It is monument to humanity and community that is apparent with every step. Walking in on a mountain path from the beach a quarter way down the bay and by boat is the only way to get here. The path itself spoke to me of my journey to get here. A hard and rocky trail that you don’t realize until you arrive to the camp that it’s worth the journey. Many laughs today have left my belly sore. It’s a different pace here and the focus is more on relationship than being busy. We spend so much of our lives being “busy” that this is reboot for me.

A chance to focus on faith and relationships with the many people here. That has been something I needed to find again. A space to be selfless and learn to have no expectation of what’s coming next. Only to be present and feel God’s plan, there are many moments today my heart was filled joy and tears filled my eyes. Sharing stories of faith and feeling the comradeship with everyone as I hear their story and share my own. I am so blessed to be here and the growth is showing me what is actually important. We ended the night with a late night swim.  There is a gift even in the water at night it sparkles with phosphorus during a late night swim. It was magical to see the water light up as I moved my hand in the dark water. I never thought I’d see that in my lifetime. The glow with each movement that can only be seen in the still dark night.  The fun thing is I found it only worked well as I slowly moved my hand through the water.  Gentleness and patience worked better than brute force and speed.   Another lesson learned and Another bucket list item on this trip. Blessings everywhere on this journey.  Thank you God for all the gifts you have given us on this journey.   looking for the blessings  ~Kelly O’Shea

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