Around the Community

Along with home visits with our friends, hearing amazing stories of hope and future we have been given time to see this beautiful part of the country. Walking in the tea fields that are operated by a large company, Learning about tea leaf picking and drying process.




What we are seeing with our eyes is that this is a very beautiful country with resources that are not wasted. In some areas the land mass is limited because of population, but these resilient people manage to seek ways to get value from their surroundings. With our partner “World Relief” and the exciting plan of “Church Empowerment Zones” where people take ownership for applying lessons of hope. Learning great truths like being part of a Savings for Life group, or Farming for Life that teaches ways to increase from what they already know. Most of the groups we have met with are all  part of a group in the community, to assist in the betterment of life for themselves. This is a proven mind set transformation. All the while World Relief stands by to encourage and train not searching for the limelight.

Richard, Stan and Maria

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