Land of 1000 Hills



An area in Nyamasheke

Today we left for Nyamasheke by 05:30, to meet with a Savings Group that get together once a week. We drove to a school in the area, before it was light, in order to be there when the members showed up.


Some members of this group walk for 30 min. to arrive on time. Any person (including guests) arriving late must pay a penalty. It is strict and orderly, keeping accurate ledgers along with accountability. World Relief has continued to be available to groups like these throughout the area.


Some points to maintain a group such as this, it may have 10-25 members, having a 5 person leadership where 3 must be women, lock box has 3 separate locks and dispersed key holders in the group. This specific group has been together for the last 4 years. We heard from them about how their lives have been changed since the group was formed. Someone mentioned that they didn’t have community friends before this group and another told of how they learned about planning for their future.


We were invited into some of the members homes were we had an opportunity to meet their families, pray and encourage them. Then to see some of the plans they are making for their future. Plans like buying some livestock to increase household profits. It was a large blessing to be in the homes of these humble, welcoming  people.

Richard VanderLeek

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