Greetings from Kamembe  Rwanda !

Due to a tropical downpour and a power line repair our  communication methods were compromised for  the last few days.

A few days ago we had the opportunity to meet with the church empowerment committee the committee’s is comprised of pastors of various denominations, who’s goal is to bring unity through church services, fellowship  and prayer.

That afternoon the pastors invited us to participate in the distribution supplies to the patients in the maternity and recovery ward. The simple goods such as soap and sugar  were well received by the  patients. These items are not readily available in the rural setting.


Yesterday we had an early start and assisted in  building  a house for a single mom of one child.   The team  contributed by hauling water to mix with dirt to create mud that was then used to pack the walls and a tin roof was also installed. Unity was prevalent as we observed tasks being executed by members of that community. The locals enjoyed trying to get us splatted in mud which attracted many children and curious bystanders. This participation was another testimony of community involvement and unity of spirit. We ended our day in prayer and thanksgiving to each other.DSCN0529DSCN0531.JPG

Today we visited a few farmers that are participating in the Agriculture for Life program. The program offers training in livestock handling and crop production management. Along with World Relief, test plots are being done with conventional practices , organic and chemical  fertilizer applications. New farming techniques  have allowed farmers to produce  higher yielding crops  and larger kernels on their corn. With this success, community members are eager to jump on board with training and growth so they can create sustainable farming practices.

They  have come together in unity in different communities offering hope to the vulnerable through different  programs such as health care support, home renovations and home building, Ag For Life. These programs offer  education and hands on training.

Maria and Stan


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