Rwanda 2018

Muraho, (Greeting in Kinyarwanda)

We have arrived in Kigali, tired but joyful after about 36 hours of travel. Tired, because we had a few changes in flights as the first flight out of Calgary was late to leave. By the time we arrived in Montreal, the flight to Brussels had departed. (Maria nicknamed this “The Amazing Race”).  Pastor Tracy had learned about the delay and got a message to us that we should ask to switch flights, and go with Turkish Air to Istanbul.  The reason was to keep moving, by not having to wait overnight in Montreal. We managed to arrange for our luggage to be on the same flights  as we rerouted to Istanbul. The flight from Istanbul to Kigali was delayed by almost 2 hours, but our World Relief hosts had already been apprised of this.

We are joyful to have had many prayers, and behind the scene plans in action, allowing us to arrive unscathed. Praise God for the energy that we have, along with continued safety over these next 2 weeks.  Have a Super Sunday!

Richard Vander Leek

One Comment on “Rwanda 2018

  1. Muraho! Our prayers are with you, your team and our friends in Rwanda!

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