Light In the Darkness

Rwanda. A country as magnificent as it is complex. A place of breathtaking beauty, and of an unthinkably violent history. A marvelous land of a thousand hills, still haunted by an eerie morning fog that sits atop the horizon and whispers of horrors past; a genocide that shook the world so deeply, it promised, “never again.”

world reliefIt is a country unlike any other, where God’s creation is on display in all its splendor and diversity. The warmth and hospitality of a people striving to rebuild and rewrite their story. The hope of a history overcome and of a nation reborn. And it is a country where God is at work in powerful ways. Where people’s hearts and minds are being transformed through Christ. Where the church is stepping into its rightful place as the hope of the world. It is a story of light overcoming the darkness. The church established itself in Rwanda over 100 years ago, and today more than 70% of the population is in a church building every week. How then, in 1994, did a genocide of such horrific proportions and unprecedented brutality take place? Volumes have been written on the underlying causes—on the immediate events leading up to the genocide and the failure of the world to take heed of the warning signs. Little, however, was said about the failure of the church to stand up and protect the vulnerable. Fortunately, that has changed. Today’s church in Rwanda is quite different from the institutionalized church of the past. It is vibrant, diverse and growing. And step-by-step, it has begun to walk alongside its people in their journey from darkness and despair, towards hope and renewal. 

World Relief first established its presence in Rwanda immediately following the genocide. Watching the international community respond with one-off emergency interventions, we became increasingly convinced that solutions needed to center on the resourcefulness and hearts of the local people and that the church had a unique role to play. Born out of that conviction, World Relief first pioneered its Church Empowerment Zone model in 2011. Founded on our strong belief that transformational change begins with the church, we began teaching, mobilizing and empowering local churches and their networks to serve the most vulnerable in their communities. By sharing and building leadership capacity, we brought churches of all denominations together in one network  to unite under a common curriculum and leadership development program, giving them the opportunity to wrestle with common problems, share resources and join together in a common vision for their churches, families and communities.

“ We do not see one another as enemies anymore. Now we come together as brothers, bringing our strengths together. We are at peace.”
                                                                                     – PASTOR MUSEVENI

world relief 2

Today, the Church Empowerment Zone model is unleashing the potential of hundreds of churches and communities across Rwanda, building a legacy of hope, generosity and self-reliance that is sustaining progress. Local churches are no longer simply institutions for Sunday gatherings but the epicenters of their communities—transforming hearts, minds and attitudes. Rwanda is a vivid and timely reminder that there is more to religion than just showing up to church. It has revealed how essential it is for our faith to be strongly rooted in a holistic and meaningful understanding of the gospel.

One pastor in Bushenge, Rwanda, said, “Now we are caring for the poor and most vulnerable. We are creating love where the Devil was bringing hate and division. We are bringing the kingdom of God down to Earth. Our families are in harmony. And a family in harmony will prosper in everything.”

Over the last five years, we have seen families reunited and health and nutrition outcomes improved. We have seen neighbors, siblings, spouses, children and friends overcome their challenges and experience renewed and strengthened holistic relationships. We have seen the transformation of lives.

The story of the church in Rwanda is powerful and inspiring. But it’s not the only nation where the church is catalyzing transformational change. Now is the time for the U.S. church to join in this rebirth. We have a unique role to play in helping African churches increase their capacity, and they have much to teach us about what it means to truly trust in God. When we work together in harmony, uplifting one another and placing God at the center of our partnership, we have the true potential to transform the lives of millions of vulnerable people.

Written By: Moses Ndahiro, Country Director, World Relief Rwanda

One Comment on “Light In the Darkness

  1. I can feel tears begin to well up in my eyes as i read this article .Memories come flooding back of sitting with our brothers and sisters in Rwanda, and hearing them share, how God is working. Staying over night with Pastor Samuel &Christina. Working with our team on Umuganda day. Many more great memories. May God give Wisdom and Endurance to Moses, Ngoga,Bob,Albert,and the rest of the World Relief team.

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