HaitiTeam@Home – sort of

Contrasts with Haiti and Canada abound: cold beds, hot showers, deafening silence.

We made it home after 23 hours of travel! Planes, trams, and automobiles. We didn’t loose anyone, but maybe I got you to read… definitely some of us stayed behind – at least for me. I gave another piece away this time in Haiti.

We are coming home to a different world,,, cold beds, hot showers and deafening silence is awkward.

No sounds of children playing outside before school or the roosters crowing or ladies making breakfast in the kitchen is very different. Makes you fully aware that this isn’t Haiti this morning. Not all bad and not all good.

This will take time for us to adjust, to get re-climatized. Yes, to the weather – (as I sit here I can feel my skin desperately seeking humidity – pulling and pruning) but it will also take time to re-climatize to the constant advertising – the constant insisting that we would be happier with more… or something newer… ’tis the season after all. So different.. we see so much clearer from being present with the Haitian people as they share their stories… Joy comes from Hope in the Lord… how long will we feel this way?

Yes be patient with us as we try and figure out what difference Haiti has made on us… what will be permanent and what will simply fade away over time.

When asking “how was the trip…” realize our first response will be short… maybe like “good” or “it was a great experience” but please realize there is more… much more we could say.

We are willing to share more… to those who are willing to be patient to hear more… maybe much more… yes we have pictures and stories but they will be hard to explain. We probably aren’t even really sure yet what we feel.

Thanks for your support on this journey. We would encourage you to ask what it may be like for you to go and see for yourself what God is up to in Haiti.

Thanks again


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