Wrapping it up, soaking it in, & new friendships.

A great day of mixed experiences and emotions.  We started the day with presenting the table we have been working on for the kitchen staff.  It was a good experience of laughter, joy, and a prayer for God’s blessing on them.  From there we dispersed to a variety of projects to finish up – hauling wood, painting rooms, staining and sanding pews, and working in the children’s village.  At lunch many of us were introduced or reconnected  to our sponsor children.  This involved interpreters, giving care packages, meeting families, a few awkward silences and an occasional smile and hug.  Hopefully these new sponsorships will lead to more than a monthly donation, maybe they will become friendships that can last a lifetime.

In the afternoon most of us went through the village on a mission to deliver more care packages to a few families with sponsor children that weren’t able to come to the HAM property.  (Others stayed behind committed to complete the projects for the day!)  We took our time soaking up all the sights and sounds of Haiti feeling the looming departure day creeping up on us.  We have shared a few of these pictures with you, so you can get a feel for the children who greet us as we walk, the animals along the path as well as the sunshine that breaks through the trees.  In the midst of all this beauty there is also darkness and pain sometimes evident in the faces we meet.  We pass kids who aren’t in school, those hungry, the hurting, the frustrated and yes even the voodoo temple with people dancing to its music.

We have learned in every encounter we have, to simply have humble curiosity about those we meet.  We haven’t come to offer much, we are here to listen well, learn much, and give very little really.  The people whom we have listened to have taught us more through their stories than we could ever hope to offer them in return.  I am proud of this team.  It is tempting to find our days networth in the amount of activity or projects completed, but we have learned to assess our days value by the number of names we have learned and the number of stories heard.

In everything we see, the hardships and the beauty we know… God is at work and the evidence of His Glory can be seen all around.  Sometimes we were lucky enough to experience His compassion, grace, and mercy shining through us this week, and sometimes all we could do was stand back in awe and watch His Glory shine before our eyes.





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