Worship, sharing, and great community

Sunday was a great day full of worship and rest as well as deepening relationships. Our team worshipped with our friends at the Haiti Arise church. The name of the church means ‘the camp of God’. The service was lively and packed pretty full. It was a great opportunity to witness how our Brothers and Sisters in Haiti worship our Lord.

The message was given by Shawn. He shared about how the Bible is more than just a way to learn about how to gain access to God; the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is a story of God reaching out with love for his people. Shawn focused in on the story of the Prodigal Son and invited Jonathan to come up and share his testimony near the end of the message. The testimony was well received as it made God’s word so clearly relevant and it made an already solid message all the stronger. 

As it was Sunday, our team was given the opportunity to rest and recuperate from many hot and busy days. Some napped, some went to the beach, some took time to catch up on journaling, some caught the CrossRoads 9am service via livestream….. it was a laid back kind of day.

At 3 half our team joined half of the Saskatoon team (Cornerstone Church) to go present the program at Tapion Children’s Church a little up the mountain. There were approximately 60 kids at the church; small but effective. The children were shy at first but when we started to sing they lightened up, sang and did the actions for the songs presented. Someone from the Saskatoon team shared their testimony and another person spoke on accepting Jesus now. 

For dinner we all (more than 30 of us) headed to town for a traditional Haiti dinner at a local restaurant -fried plantains, coleslaw and our choice of meat (goat, beef or chicken). It was a great change of context and opportunity to hang out and see town at night.


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