Best Monday Ever!

It’s amazing how a new country can change so many habits!!  Usually I struggle getting up in the morning, but here in Haiti I am up by 6:00 and love doing my devotions on the roof of the compound overlooking mango, coconut and banana trees. It is something I don’t take for granted as I know snow will be meeting me when I arrive home again.

Growing up my parents forced us to speak French at home and I hated it.  Now that I am in Haiti, I am so thankful for it as I have been able to communicate with so many Haitians.

Last night we had no ‘city power’ and the generator have had some issues, which meant we didn’t have air conditioning in the rooms, so we slept in a sauna!!  I tried to explain what a sauna was to Yvette, one of the kitchen/cleaning staff and she couldn’t understand why we would ever use one!!

This morning two of the guys got the parts to fix the bobcat, which is a miracle in a country where parts are hard to get.  It’s working great and the Haitians are happy to be able to use it instead of pick axes!!  Some of the ladies painted another classroom and while others put the finishing coat on the new outdoor kitchen table, which we hope to give tomorrow to the ladies.

We had hoped to meet our sponsor children today after they were done school but unfortunately it didn’t happen.  The new plan is to meet them tomorrow where we will be able to give them food that we bought at the market on Saturday.

After lunch, five of us with a translator and Marilyn, our house host, went out into the community to meet some families.  We met four different families and heard their stories.  It was amazing how they opened up to us and shared their struggles and joy in their lives. Yvette’s story touched me the most.  She has five children and due to financial hardships, gave up two of her children to an orphanage.  They ended up being adopted and moved to France.  She has not heard from them in over six years and prays for them daily.  Her older sons are finishing college and she hopes that once they are employed, they will help her financially.  Yet, while she shared her stories, she had such peace and it was so evident that she loved her children so much.  After praying with her and her 10 year old daughter, we left, with some of us in tears.  I thought of my four children and can’t imagine having to choose to give one up to another family.

Shortly after we got back, Charlene and I went to teach a fourth level English class.  We laughed until our stomachs hurt.  The three students had to explain a time they were in a stressful situation and one of the students couldn’t recall a time he was stressed.  His two other classmates bugged and teased him and gave different situations and in all of them he claimed he was never stressed.  It was hilarious watching the bantering back and forth, all in English.  We have been asked to teach the class on Wednesday again.

After debriefing, some of our team joined the Saskatoon team on the roof top, praising God through songs.  This is a day I will never forgot!!  It really was the best Monday ever!


One Comment on “Best Monday Ever!

  1. So grateful to stay connected!! Thanks everyone for the great stories (and pictures of my boy 😁) and for being open to all that God has for you there!! Praying for an amazing end to a great adventure and safe travels back!

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