Chaos and Calm

Today was a full day, especially for me.  It was my turn to lead devotions this morning which we’ve been doing after breakfast.  Around 8:30am we walked to the local market in Grand Goave.  We went with our host Marilyn and two interpreters.  Our walk took about 15 – 20  minutes on dirt roads and once we got to the main town center the road was paved, but it was so busy with cars, trucks, and tap taps (public transport).  We really relied on our translator to help us all just to cross the street.  Our main focus in the market was to buy rice, beans, spices, and soap to put together about 12 or 15 “care packages” for the families we are connected to from child sponsorship that we are hoping to meet on Monday; plus some other families that Shawn has connected with over the years.  Quote of the morning by Abbey was “I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t that… I will never complain about the farmer’s market again, lol. ”

When we got back from the market Elisabeth, Tilly and I had been asked to help teach a level one English class at the Tech School.  We all really enjoyed interacting with the students and they appreciated us taking our time to come help them.  One older gentleman greeted us when we came in with “welcome and God bless you”.  I’ve also been asked to go help Frankie with his Level 4 English class on Monday night.  Frankie works in the Haiti Arise office as their Financial Controller.

After lunch we got ready and walked to the beach.  This was our first opportunity for the team to go.  It was a nice reprieve from all the work we have been doing.  The water was clear and warm, and so nice to just chill.  Another great quote of the day from Abbey again was; “the water was warmer than our showers”.  She was right!  As happens when teams go to the beach, we got to buy a lobster.  It is very fresh, grilled for us, cut open and served full lobster on a plate.  Terry and I shared one and I was pleasantly surprised how good it was.  We got back to the compound and a few minutes later it started to rain quite hard.  We made it back just in time.

While I was helping with the English class I found out that Terry had an opportunity to talk with a Viola.  She was wanting to practice her English and Terry was happy to oblige.  He said in the short time he talked to her that she really opened up and practically told her all about her life.  How God had changed her and she really loved Haiti Arise and what they do for the community.  It was refreshing to see someone so willing to open up on first meeting.  Like Pastor Dan says to have that one minute longer conversation with people.


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