Farmer’s Perspective

It was a great day in Haiti today.  In fact the weather here has been sunny since the day after we arrived.  The mornings and evenings are typically very comfortable but by afternoon it is humid and hot and can be uncomfortable when working directly in the sun. But this sure beats the weather that Central Alberta offers us at this time of year.

At times our service team is spread throughout the entire complex.  It was a very productive service day with the Ladies finishing painting of the Tech School washrooms and the outside kitchen area.  The Haitian cooks/kitchen staff were very appreciative of the Ladies’ great efforts in sprucing up their work area.

Two days ago the kitchen staff had a table in the outdoor kitchen area completely and unexpectedly fall apart which does happen in high humidity conditions. The boys took the initiative to build them a new table today.  Even Tilly got into the act to help me plane the rough yellow pine we used for the project.  The construction of table and lower shelf is finished but it still needs a protective sealing of its surface. 

Some observations made during our stay to date is that the Haitian people seem to be very happy in the midst of their humble conditions.  The power grid in intermittent and a back-up generator is needed to supply power during periods of blackouts.   In our world back in Canada we take many things for granted but the question is how much do we really appreciate all that we have?  Additionally, the food has been fantastic and we are so appreciative of our kitchen staff.

Our team is doing well, we are healthy and getting along very well.  I think God had a big hand in bringing this harmony to our team.

Having reflected on the trip to date I believe God to be working within me to change my outlook and become more compassionate to those in need.  And that truly is God at work.


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