Serving the Servers

What a fun, productive, crazy, inspiring, frustrating & relational day!  Our day was full of such variety in work projects, activities and relationship building, that there was something for everyone!  From diagnosing why the bobcat wasn’t running (on a non-English speaking worksite), to building & staining new pews for the growing local church, to mixing & hauling concrete for the new duplex at the Children’s Village, to helping with the first afternoon of VBS with 120 very excited children.  It was a great day!

The biggest joy (& challenge) for me so far has been to change my focus from simply marking things off the project list, to taking the time to slow down and get to know the people we are working & serving with.  This played out in a really cool way while a teammate and I painted the outdoor kitchen on the campus of Haiti Arise.  Yes, it was on “the list” and it started out as a simple project of painting the outside of the structure, but it turned into far more than that.  As we began the project, the women who have faithfully & tirelessly been preparing the meals for the 250+ elementary school children were friendly and engaged in what we were doing.  We chatted & joked (thanks to Elisabeth’s ability to speak French!) and found out lots about what they were doing and they happily answered all of our various questions.  They then communicated that they would love the inside of their kitchen to look as “belle” as the outside, and it sparked an idea that we could continue the painting process to bless them with a new inside as well.  We worked a little longer into the afternoon and completed their “renovation” and can’t wait for them to come back in the morning to see their “belle” kitchen.  The other fun part about this is that they could also benefit from another table to help with all of their food prep, and a team member & Haitian friend will be building this gift for them tomorrow.  It is such a gift to serve those who are serving others!


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