Another Great Day in Haiti

Day two and the work has started in full force.  After a filling breakfast and team devotions, we scattered to the four corners of the compound to take on our various duties for the day.  Jonathon started off in the woodshop with several other members from the Sask. team and under the guidance of Ernie the Texan they started prepping and assembling some new pews for the church.

Charlene, Tanya, and Tilly got busy with painting the dining room and bathrooms in the trade school while Terry and myself discovered the joys of troubleshooting a malfunctioning projector. IMG_6900 In the heat of the afternoon things slowed down a little bit, with less focus on the tasks at hand and more time being spent on trying to interact with the Haitians around us.  Elizabeth with her fluent French is a great boon to the team and is able break through the language barrier, and is getting to know the kitchen staff and making many other great connections.  Tilly and Abbey love the kids and play with them as much they can, learning games and giving piggyback rides and having lots of fun.

The evening brought supper and afterwards we got to go sit on the roof and hear from Mark about his life and testimony, as well as his and Lisa’s dream for Haiti and its people.  It is easy see the passion and love Mark has for his people when he talks about the Children’s Village and the trade school, and all the future plans for growth in the community.  Seeing it all for ourselves and hearing about the amazing progress makes it easy to believe that Haiti Arise is truly doing the work of God and is an accurate reflection of His love and compassion.


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