Day 2 – Meeting the Village

Haiti Blog

21st Tuesday

Bon Swa Canada,

Today was our first official day in Haiti. We started the morning at 6:30am with devotions with the whole team. Then we received a delicious breakfast. Afterwards we heard the children outside playing, out of our curiosity we decided to join them. We received much appreciation from the children through touching, handshakes and piggy backs, it was an inspiration to all of us how well we were received by the Haitians even though we didn’t know the Creole language. Afterwards we got an amazing tour of the compound and how the donations from people donated to Haiti Arise is working in Haiti, the trade school and the shop. I cannot express in words how much the donations have made a humongous difference in the lives of the Haitians and would like to give a sincere thank you to anyone who has donated because it has made a big improvement.

We also went to the children’s village and the new school to see where children go to learn. We also saw the goat project where grade 5 and 6 children have the chance to raise a goat for meat and as an incentive they can keep the goat for free if they care for it well. Then we had lunch.

Afterwards we went different routes to do many projects assigned to us. I had the privilege to work with the Saskatchewan team move the donated clothing and children’s items to another room, watch team members paint the computer room in the trade school, watch the Crossroads men try to fix a projector and build a stroller with a Saskatchewan team member. It was a great afternoon that I finished off with a cold shower. (No hot water available) I then had a little bit of free time where I journaled my experience of the day which I started the day before we went to Haiti and did my personal devotions.

Then it was supper and then we went to Tuesday church that started at 6pm. The church experience was a different unique perspective as there was a pastor and a translator. The congregation was very involved in the service which was great to see. It was a long full day that our team experienced but it was a moving day.



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