From Culture Shock to Culture Joy

Sunday started off with a great breakfast again. Irene always has an abundance of local fruit for breakfast – Pineapple, watermelon, bananas, passion fruit and jack fruit to name a few. I think it’s fair to say we are all going to miss this wonderful lady. We then split into 2 groups and headed out to different villages for church. One group included Bill, Emily, Liberty and Sarah. Sheryl was unable to attend being a little under the weather but is fine now. They attended a church in Kiyindi where Bill gave the sermon. Our group consisted of Chantelle, Adam, Sharilyn, Barb and Kyle. The church we attended was called “Bridges of Hope”, in a little village called Najja. We were warmly greeted by Pastor Eli. The sermon that Pastor Eli put forward was about having a pure heart. It spoke to us all very deeply.  We were so blessed to hear Pastor Eli speak and for sure it was one of the highlights of our trip. As we arrived back home we were meet by Irene’s dear husband Martin and 3 beautiful children: Christal age 6 and twin boys Joshua and Caleb age 3 1/2.


Irene Family

After our tummies were all happy again thanks to Irene we all headed out in our van driven by Jamil, the most talented driver in Uganda in our eyes, to Kampala for an evening of dining and entertainment at the Ndere Cultural Centre. This show was second to none with music and dancing from all the different regions of Uganda. The word I think would describe it best, and we would all agree with was spectacular.  At the end of show the whole audience was invited up to dance. It was quite amazing how God’s children from Uganda, Tanzania, Germany, Switzerland, China, Africa, US, and Canada, were all dancing under the stars of Uganda. The trip back home was a little quiet as some were digesting the day while others were napping ……. can’t wait for another day.

-Barb, Kyle, and the Team 


One Comment on “From Culture Shock to Culture Joy

  1. Oh this looks absolutely amazing!! Such a different culture! How are you liking Uganda so far? We’re going in November, anything we need to be aware of? And best places to go see? Anything to bear in mind in terms of safety?
    Cheers from London,

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