Day Off in Jinja

Today was a day off for the team. So we travelled to a nearby city called Jinja to do some touristy things. One of the main things to do in Jinja is see the source of the Nile River. It originates from Lake Victoria and travels 6,400 kilometers to Egypt. We all took a boat tour on the Nile River and observed the birds, monkeys, and lizards along the bank of the river. It was so fun to see the wide variety of birds and the cute monkeys – it felt like we were on a river safari.





Another major attraction for our team of muzungu’s (white people) was the market! This was an opportunity to shop for unique crafts. We spent a couple hours wandering through small shops and bartering for paintings, clothes, jewelry, and handy crafts. Everyone clearly enjoyed themselves, and we’ll need extra suite cases to bring everything home!

We wrapped up the day with milkshakes at my favorite restaurant in East Africa… Java House. It was such a nice treat to have some comfort food that reminds us of home!


Even though it was a day off, we arrived home late and are exhausted (hence the short blog). But, tomorrow promises to be a great day with an exciting African church service, and a trip to Kampala to see a cultural dance show. There will be more to come soon…

-Adam and the Team

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