Visiting the Science Lab and Sponsor Children

Today Bill and I (Adam) visited the International Needs Buikwe Secondary School (High School) to see the science lab that CrossRoads has supported. Originally, CrossRoads funded the construction of the lab, and recently provided a boost in their funding to employ a laboratory technician and stock to the required chemicals. This lab supports the teaching of Chemistry, Biology, and Physics, and it is a state-of-the-art facility in the district. It has improved the reputation of the school and students are coming from far away because other secondary schools can’t provide this practical education in the sciences.


Bill and I also had the pleasure to visit our sponsor kids today! Bill and Pat have sponsored two kids named Raechel and Gabak; while Tracy and I sponsor a girl name Marion. It is such a highlight to visit their homes and see them again! We got time to visit with their Mom’s and hear stories from their family. We were also able to share a few gifts from Canada (balls, clothes, school supplies, and coloring books). The I.N. sponsorship program was well received by the team and many team members are making the choice to sponsor kids too! It’s such a joy to meet the child here, and continue the relationship once we return to Canada.

– Adam and the Team



Adam and Marion

One Comment on “Visiting the Science Lab and Sponsor Children

  1. Adam. Very heartwarming to see you with your sponsored child , Marion.💜

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