Line Dancing at Ssenyi Landing Clinic

Today was an amazing day! We all didn’t quite know what to expect, but God had a plan… We got the pleasure of helping with a free health clinic provided by CHAP that tested patients for HIV/AIDS, as well as providing some dentistry work, deworming, as well as just being pure entertainment for all the children! We had an hour long drive from our compound to Ssenyi Landing where the clinic was located, and it was an adventure all on its own! We got to see the beautiful African sugar cane fields with the stunningly vibrant green mountains in the background. All eleven of us in the van got pretty excited and nervous when we did some intense off roading before arriving at the clinic!

We all split off into small groups to do different jobs at the clinic. Kyle and Cheryl gave out deworming pills – at least one hundred of them! Emily assisted in testing for HIV/AIDS. Liberty, Chantelle, and Barb had the task of helping out with the hectic dentistry work. Me (Sarah) and Sherilynn had the amazing pleasure of playing with all the children.

We brought a lot of games to the table that we were sure they had never heard of before. The kids followed along very well to duck-duck goose, the chicken dance, the classic Cadillac Ranch line dance, as well as many other games that surely wore us out, but surprisingly not them! The girls helping in the dentistry portion were very intrigued with how sanitized everything was, as well as the dentist’s ability to pin point which tooth needed pulled without the use of any X-rays. And Kyle and Cheryl did a great job ‘enforcing the law’ to make sure every child took the deworming pill (even though some tried to refuse).



At the end of the day we were all tried but joyful to have had a great day. And our team grew by one person as Bill Shaw arrived in Buikwe today. He and Adam spent the day in Kampala meeting with the I.N. team before joining us for dinner. We are now 10 people on the team, and looking forward to another great day in Buikwe!

-From Sarah and the Team

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