Greetings from across the globe!

Greetings from across the globe where the weather is beautiful and the sound of laughing children is now the norm.  On Saturday we arrived at the International Needs compound after an awe inspiring drive from the airport. We passed through the busy city of Kampala watching Ugandan’s carry out their regular Saturday routine (see Adam and Emily below in the vehicle). All of us were tired from jet lag, yet fighting to keep our eyes open for fear we would miss something.


We are now on African time where we are learning that 20 minutes is not really 20 minutes. For example, the power was out when we arrived, and apparently it had been out for a day and half! It is a blessing not being connected to the internet and our cell phones. We are enjoying each other’s company as well as spending time with our own thoughts and meditating on God’s Word.

We were welcomed to the International Needs compound with a fantastic home cooked hot chicken dinner with rice, potatoes, and green peas. We are staying in a dorm-like accommodation which reminds me a lot of church camp. Last night it was too early to go to bed so we went for a walk. When the children came running towards us with open arms, it was at that moment all the preparation for this trip became worthwhile. The children greeted us with a song, a little dance, and singing a song about knowing Jesus as their Savior. I was overcome with emotion as these children have so much joy and love to give. They hugged us and touched our different skin.


We are ‘gelling’ as a team as we have now all share our testimonies with the common thread of how God has changed our lives and has brought us together for a purpose. We are all humbled. This morning’s church service nearly blew the roof off! We were dancing and singing and praising the Lord – amen! Adam was invited to speak at the service this morning and give the message. He sent his greetings from the entire CrossRoads Church, from pastor Dan, the church board, the whole congregation, and it seems like greetings from just about everyone in Red Deer. I guess that’s how they say hi here!

My biggest takeaway so far is the power of a smile!  – From Sheryl and the Team

2 Comments on “Greetings from across the globe!

  1. Thanks so much for this great recap of the first few days! Love hearing your thoughts and smiles!!!

  2. Love to see your smile. I am sure they loved your glowing skin and your long arms! Hugs and prayers. Denise and Family

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