A Few Words…

Since we didn’t have power or internet for a while, we have two blog posts for you! After our first day in Uganda, the team shared a few words to capture what they were feeling, seeing, and thinking.

Awe;    joy;    overwhelmed with emotion;   spectacular;   colorful;   sweaty;   smoky;   random roosters;   stolen hub cab?!?;   delicious pancakes;   amazing view;   surreal;   so lush and green;   comfort sounds (grasshoppers);   hard to believe we’re here;   laughing kids;    singing kids (highlight of day!);   big smiles.

-Adam and the Team

One Comment on “A Few Words…

  1. I know someone will wonder about the hub cap story… We were driving through Kampala and witnessed a kid steal a hub cap off the car in front of us. We were all surprised to see it happen, and were told it would bring in some good money…

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