What do you ask God about?

I was in the church foyer the other day setting up the table to display the shoes that we will be collecting during the month of August.  Yes it is Love in the Laces time again people – and even though our first official collection Sunday had not yet arrived I had received a few pairs that I was displaying and getting everything ready for the big rush I was hoping was going to happen this coming Sunday.    I say I was hoping because I always feel a little bit of anxiety over events where people are asked to give – to bring in a donation, to spend some money.


Just that morning I had this restlessness inside of me and after reading scripture I felt even more unsettled.  What I had read did not calm me or cause me to stop feeling the way I was feeling.  I wandered and I wondered that morning and then close to noon I sat outside in the sun and I said to God “What do you want to tell me?”   In my heart I heard him say “Give it up”.    I was about to ask what I should give up but I already knew….my desire to get the outcomes I wanted from the shoe drive, reach the numbers I think shout “success”,   make sure that Womens Outreach is impressed, ensure every child who comes in for a pair of shoes walks out with a smile on their face and a new pair of shoes in their hands. God was not telling me to stop doing my best – but He was telling me to give up the outcomes to Him, and the unnecessary worrying and the desire for control over what is not in my control anyway.   “In Jesus name – not my strain” came to my mind, a breath prayer from a book that I had recently read.     “Okay God, I give this to you.’

So there I am a few hours later in the foyer just putting the finishing touches on my display and I turn around to see a young Mom and her little ones coming through the door with a wagon.   It wasn’t until she got close to me that I could see the wagon was full of shoes.   38 pairs to be exact!  That’s a big wagon full of shoes!  I asked her for permission to share what brought her and her husband to purchase 38 pairs of shoes.   She said that her husband had recently received a bonus at work and they went to God and asked Him what they should do with the extra money.  Wow.  I don’t know everything God told them but she shared they were directed to purchase shoes for the Love in the Laces campaign.   One pair in each size for a girl and one pair in each size for a boy.   And then they wrote a note to accompany each pair of shoes.

We visited for a while longer and as she left I was overwhelmed by how God is so faithful to speak to us when we ask Him  “What do you want me to do?”    “What do you want to tell me?”  Through this young couple’s example  God enforced His message to me of giving up the outcomes to Him and also showing me how He does long to speak to us and be a part of our decision making – all we have to do is ask.  He is working in hearts of those who are seeking Him and listening to what He says.   This is God’s work and for His glory.   I am so excited to see what He is doing!

Bring on the Best Love in the Laces year yet!


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