Ramadan- A Month of Fasting for Muslims and an Opportunity for us to Pray

I posted this article a year ago at Ramadan and felt it would be good to repost. Note this year Ramadan begins 26th of June (evening) and goes through the 24th. Please pray for spiritual awakening and Truth to be found.

CrossRoads on Mission

ramadan image This time of year my mind wanders to my time spent working and living in Eastern Chad. While I served there, half of my staff were Muslim (as required by the Government). During the month of Ramadan I had to adjust my expectations of my Muslim staff as I knew they would be fasting during the day and having late night feasts and gatherings each night. Their productivity would definitely drop. It meant on those days when we would typically have a meal together or simply share a cup of tea, now for this month of Ramadan, I had to either abstain or do it more privately to not make them stumble as they were fasting. It also meant our cooks, who were Muslims, were preparing food for the lunch of the Christians but were unable to eat themselves. As I walked around my hot, sandy little town of Goz…

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