Paint Night! Forming friendships with International Newcomers!

paint nite 1

There is a beauty in being able to gather with women of all ages from different parts of the world and enjoy an afternoon of laughter, good conversation and expressing our creativity through painting! On March 25, a group of women from CrossRoads, International Newcomers and throughout Red Deer, spent the afternoon together for a Paint Nite! We didn’t know what our masterpieces would end up looking like but we had a lot of fun during the whole process!

Before we picked up our brushes and began painting we spent some time mingling and getting to know each other. After spending time in great conversation and observing the interactions amongst the group, I had a greater appreciation for the two amazing women, Laura White and Brooklyn Capton, who planned this great afternoon. Their hearts are truly beautiful!

After everyone had arrived we began our painting process! Our talented instructor led the group through the steps to create the beautiful image above. There were a lot of laughs and smiles as everyone attempted to re-create the painting while adding their own personal touch.

Once we had completed our paintings, we were able to talk with each other again and share what our wonderful masterpieces looked like! What fun!
This was a great afternoon of meeting new women here in Red Deer, painting and new friendships forming! Thank you Laura and Brooklyn!


paint nite 2

We have been blessed here in Red Deer and Central Alberta to have International Newcomers calling this area their home. There are people within our congregation here at CrossRoads, as well as various organizations throughout Red Deer, who are involved in different ways with International Newcomers and would love to have you involved! If you would like to know the different ways you can be involved with working with International Newcomers here in Red Deer please contact: or 403-347-6425.







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