Monday was a very busy but great day for us! Our morning began with the opportunity for us to go and see a water project known as 20 Litres. This project is through Mars Hill Church in the U.S. and its goal and purpose is to bring clean water through a filtration process. We visited Gahanga and were able to see them assemble the filtration system and give us a demonstration of the process. It was very interesting to see! There isn’t a filtration system in every home yet and those that do have them have been recognized by the church as being the most vulnerable therefore they have received them. However, the homes that do have them share the system with their neighbours. This helps bring community and friendship amongst one another.

In the afternoon we met with a church network. This group was composed of pastors and volunteers. They talked about how they are bringing different lessons, information, etc throughout their communities through volunteers. Each church has 10 volunteers that are trained and equipped. We were able to hear some of the volunteers share their experiences with this program. One thing we noticed was that the majority of the volunteers are women! We were told that they are wanting to equip and empower women and that is why many women are becoming these volunteers and helping their communities.

After the meeting we split into two groups and were able to visit two different homes that have been impacted by this program. Myself, Monika and Nathanial visited a home where we were able to hear the testimonies from two different families. We were told by both families that before this program came into their homes there wasn’t much care about how their money was spent and the majority of money earned was spent at the bar by the men of the homes. Once the volunteers came into their homes things started to change. The change first started with the women in the home and through them the men started noticing a difference in their wives. The men began staying around for the teachings and God did a great work and has transformed their homes! It was so beautiful to see the smiles and joy light up their faces as they talked about what God has done! 

One thing that has been so beautiful to see and has brought joy and fullness to my heart has been the smiles and joy that fills the people we get to talk with here in Rwanda when they talk about what God has done in their lives! We serve such a beautiful and big God! 

Although our day was long we all enjoyed it greatly and it will be a great memory for us that we will hold dearly.

Thanks for the prayers and love:)



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