Sisters in Christ

We met with different pastors from the Church Network (including a female pastor) in Bushenge Sector. Some of the denominations that came together were, Pentecostal, Anglican, and Catholic churches. Together they formed a Savings Group to help one another and their most vulnerable. They are a great example of how different Churches that did not work well together, are now meeting regularly and caring for each other. Reminding us that we are more powerful together in community, than apart.
After chasing a loan from a bank for a full year, many would not qualify for one. Now, with the Savings For Life Program, individuals who need a loan can borrow one to provide for their families. They can buy land to farm and sell their crops or animals to raise. This program gives opportunities to even the poorest. It has also taught the community to come together in relationship with one another. As well it provides the members to learn about health and nutrition for their families. They then encourage that person to go and teach others in their community. This also educates their youth to plan for their future by saving $ for their future and themselves for marriage. With the help of World Relief, hard work, and the grace of our Lord all things are possible!  

Highlight of the day was when we had an only woman fellowship! Albert sent out an invitation to the women of the community to come join their sisters in Christ, from half way around the world. We were not sure how many would show up since they were not given much notice.

I, Monika, volunteered to share my testimony since I could feel the Lord nudging me. As nervous as I was, I prayed that the He would give me the right words to speak.

Women kept showing up and coming in that we needed more room for them to sit. After sharing my testimony we opened the room to questions. I was moved at how the women responded. They shared their hearts and were free to talk about anything. Some sharing private stories of their own and others thanking me for sharing mine. One lady, Felicity, said that she learned that even though we live in different cultures we still have very much the same lives. 

The experience was very moving and will stay lodged in my heart forever.  

Imana iguhe umugisha! (God bless you!)

Your sisters and brother in Christ



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