Rolling Hills and Go Fish!

Today is our first full day in Nyamasheke and our first time to the Pentecostal churches! Our Rwanda team split into two different groups and each group went to a different church. The ride there was absolutely beautiful… there were rolling hills upon hills lined with squares of fields of crops, trees, bushes, and the soil is very red. We rode on a bumpy road which threw me around in the back a little but it was still SOOOOOOO awesome! I waved at so many people and the children yelled to their friends, MZUNGU, MZUNGU! I’ve never in my life seen kids so excited to see me… or anyone. Church is different than the churches in Canada in different ways. One noticeable way was the pace of the music and dancing during worship.We all introduced ourselves to the congregation which was about 300 PEOPLE!!!! Any-hoooo, I gave the greeting from Crossroads and they all did a wave motion with their hands. The Church service was about 2 hours and nearing the end of it began to rain. And when it rains…… it POURS, a lot. It is like standing under a mini waterfall. It makes all the mud turn to clay and when that occurs the van is hard to drive. We were sort of rushed out of the service so we wouldn’t get stuck. The rain stopped right away and I literally waved at every single (they could be a couple but still…) human beings. Most of them waved back, even the ones on the boda boda’s (motorcycle taxi). I found that really cool.

This evening Ms. Joy, Mr. Isaiah, Nathaniel, and I played GO FISH. I think we played about 5 rounds back to back. It was fun, like, REALLY fun. So now I am here writing this blog while everyone is telling funny stories of their life and making comments that keeps everyone laughing. I am so glad I was put in this group. I love em’!




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