Communities of Compassion Launched!

uganda-tagOn Tuesday, February 7, we kicked off the very first Communities of Compassion group! This month’s primary focus was Uganda and CrossRoads’ partnership with International Needs. However, the room was filled with people that have interests in mission generally.

The evening began with stories and memories being shared as people mingled around and got to know one another. There was a great variety of experiences among those that came out. There were people from previous STO teams, people who had spent part of their lives living in Uganda and all who have a heart for missions. It was exciting to see the interactions being made within this beautiful group of people! I loved seeing someone with a passion of Greece sharing with someone else that had experience in Rwanda or the Middle East!

After everyone had the chance to talk together, GCC member and Country Co-Lead for Uganda, Adam Minke, led the group through the different interactions and events throughout the night. The group participated in a game to test their knowledge of the GCC and partnership with International Needs and were given a tasty treat for their correct answers! This was a fun time as answers were coming from people of all ages!
The group was “introduced” to Paul, the Headmaster at the Hope Trade School through a video where he sent his greetings and thanks to CrossRoads church for their investment in the trade school which is giving students practical skills that will better their future. This was a great way for everyone to see and hear about the work CrossRoads has been supporting and investing in.queen-of-katwe

A highlight of the night was watching a clip from one of Disney’s newest releases, Queen
of Katwe. This movie realistically illustrates the life of many Ugandans and it allowed for great conversation amongst the group. People were asked to look at the different social issues that many Ugandans face daily and to see the different things that International Needs is wanting to eliminate to better the people of Uganda.

As the night was coming to a close, a short video on living compassionately as we are taught in the Bible was shown and this opened up the conversation for small groups to share with one another. People shared their thoughts on what living compassionately in the world looks like and more specifically here in Central Alberta.

This evening was a great opportunity to hear each other’s hearts as well as pray together and for our partners.
Don’t miss out! We gather the first Tuesday of the month so our next Communities of Compassion gathering is Tuesday in March 7th in the Worship Room at CrossRoads (enter through the Youth Wing and walk towards the cafe- you can’t miss it!

Chantelle – on behalf of the Global Compassion Committee


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