We Have Arrived!

We have safely arrived in beautiful Rwanda! Stepping off the plane and breathing in the familiar air brought back memories for those of us who have been in East Africa before and major excitement for those experiencing it for the first time. It was such a blessing to be met at the airport as we walked out the doors by the amazing and beautiful World Relief staff. There is nothing greater than a big hug and smile after long flights and lack of sleep! 

We had our first full day in Rwanda today and it was filled with meeting new people, African rain and excitement for the reminder of our time here. We were blessed with the opportunity to spend the morning with the World Relief staff in a time of worship and a challenging message. A highlight for myself today and others on the team was being able to sit down and talk with the WR staff. It was awesome to see the different conversations everyone was having and to hear more about the amazing work WR does. We were truly blessed! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Nyamasheke where we will be spending the majority of the remainder of our time here in Rwanda. We know God has great things in store and we are excited to see more of what WR is doing here in Rwanda. Please keep us in your prayers! We appreciate all the love and support.

Be blessed!


One Comment on “We Have Arrived!

  1. Welcome and greetings to our friends of World Relief! We are praying for you and for all those you will encounter. Blessings! Tracy

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