Lifting up our partners in Rwanda

img_0392In case you didn’t know it already, we have great partners in World Relief!  They respect us, listen to us, teach us and care for us. They invite us to the table as we partner in Rwanda. They also assist us where they have more expertise such as refugees and the persecuted church. They send us their people to bless us (Moses, Gil, Craig and Scott) as we reciprocate and send them our valued teams as well. One just left yesterday!

img_3008I could go on and on about this amazing partner but one thing I value so much is their willingness to hold us up in prayer as a church.  Consistently they have reached out and asked us what they can be praying for and they will share these requests with their staff in Rwanda who meet every Friday to pray but they will also post these on their ‘Partner board ‘in the hall of their head office in Kigali.

As they commit to pray for us, would you please pray for them as they have requested below:

Hello Tracy,

As we have done in the past, I wanted to reach out to you and ask if you can share with us some prayer requests of the city of Red deer and the Church at large.

I would like to publish these on our partnership board this week so that as an organization we can pray for you.

Send our greetings to everyone at CrossRoads Church.

As an organization please pray for us:

  • For the refugees and other immigrant populations impacted by the Administration’ s previous and pending Executive Orders. Pray that God will protect, encourage and provide for their needs as many weather intolerable conditions still escaping from danger or in refugee camps around the world or face deep fears and uncertainties in the US.
  • That God would use World Relief as His agent to fan the flames of compassion and that the commitment of the US and global church would deepen toward refugees and vulnerable people around the world. That this moment would become a movement where the Church would speak boldly for love, compassion and generosity and against bigotry, hatred, and intolerance. That God would mold the hearts of our leaders and they would assist and protect our vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world with generosity and welcome.
  • Pray for growth and expansion of our work in Nyamasheke Cimg_20130823_092047_506EZ.


Bob Karemera

Strategic Partnership Officer

Kigali, Rwanda


Thank you for your prayer CrossRoads!

Pastor Tracy

One Comment on “Lifting up our partners in Rwanda

  1. We’ll make sure to print this off and pray for them! Thanks for sharing this.

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