Rwanda STO 2017 Underway!


Chantelle, Linda, Tara-Leigh, Sheila, Mila, Nathaniel, Monika

At 11:00 today, this team of 7 left CrossRoads Church to begin their journey to Rwanda. The team will be on the ground there for two weeks.  They will be representing Christ and our Church in and around Kigali and Nyamacheke; they will be renewing old friendships and making new ones; they will be challenged and find God in amazing new ways.  One thing; the team does not travel alone, they travel with the prayers and support of friends, family and strangers called to support them.  Join us!

Specifically, we will be praying for:

  • team unity
  • a real sense of belonging for the team when they arrive
  • physical healing for those of the team with health issues
  • protection from injury or harm during the mission
  • that the Lord’s will be done during this time

Our partners in Rwanda, World Relief, have asked that we uphold them by praying for growth and the expansion of their work in the Nyamasheke Church Empowerment Zone.

The team will do their best to share their journey with us via this blog, so stay tuned!


One Comment on “Rwanda STO 2017 Underway!

  1. Hi everyone, greetings from Calgary. Yes we too are praying for you. We are glad you arrived safely, it is our prayer that the Lord will bless you as you minister to the people in Rwanda. Thanks Mila for your writing, stay safe and healthy. We keep in touch with the team. God Blessings, Liesbeth. B.

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