Reindeer antlers and mashed potatoes


Lots of fun things happen in December and some of the most fun things of all happen when we serve others.   Better yet when we serve in a group!

Ta20161222_195438ke a look at these fine looking ornaments!!!

These are just a sample of the  keepsakes that were made by students at “Christmas at the Dawe”.    There are some very creative kids around and some very interesting snowpeople and reindeer like creatures that made their way home with students that night.  Yes there was a bit of mayhem from time to time but for two hours people from CrossRoads had the privilege to help 135 kids make an ornament to take home and remind them of a fun evening celebrating Christmas.

Did you know that Pastor Denise is so crafty?  Well she is, and she even brought her husband and her son although we have no documentation of either of them helping with a craft.  That little guy added to the enjoyment of the evening though.






Just a bit of baking!

One of the groups of women who meet for Bible Study and prayer every week decided to bless the Single Moms group with a bit of homemade baking this Christmas!  (Just a bit). Every woman in the group contributed some baking, brought it to the church and packed tins and prayed for the Moms who would be receiving them.   What a practical way to bless and serve as a group.  Thank you.

Another great event was serving a delicious meal to the kids and families of the Hope Missions Kids in Action program.  It was a packed house, the food was great, the music was amazing and team of servers had a lot of fun together.



The idea of serving is sometimes perceived as hard – or boring.   Or maybe we think it is supposed to be hard and boring.  There are times when service costs us our time, our priorities or our money, but what is gained from it?   What was the benefit of all this serving in December?   Hundreds literally, of smiles, sounds of laughter, full tummies, keepsakes to treasure, happy moments to recall, time spent in the company of friends, new friendships formed, kindness shown, songs sung together, the Christmas story told, the name of Jesus heard, a glimpse of hope in a weary world.

Thank you for serving!



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