Communities of Compassion…Coming Soon!

Looking towards 2017, we as the Global Compassion Committee are excited to see what God has in store for us as the body of CrossRoads Church, as well as around the world. God has been good to us over the past 9 years and looking back at our history as the Global Compassion Committee, we are amazed at where God has brought us! Our 3 fantastic partners in Haiti, Uganda and Rwanda, are all engaging in the call to advocate and assist the lost, the last, the least, the little and the nearly dead, which is a call we at CrossRoads Church hold dear to our own hearts. Looking back we see the many challenges we have faced over the years. Through these challenges, we have seen many miracles and moments of celebration as God graciously moved through, in and around us.  In these moments we hold high the work of our partners around the world, and thank the Lord for bringing us into partnership with them!

You will read stories in the upcoming Compassion Christmas booklet and may wonder what’s next? You may ask and wonder why we bring our partners half way around the world to Red Deer in the dead of winter to participate in the Christmas GCC Campaign? Because we want you to know two things:

1) Our partners are committed Men and Women of God, who are serving selflessly in these amazing countries and,

2) We want to give YOU, the body of CrossRoads Church, every opportunity to hear Gods voice through our partners, calling us to a deeper level of commitment and service in His world.

As the Global Compassion Committee, we want to open our doors to welcome you into our world of compassionate development and relief partnerships at a deeper level. Starting in 2017 we will be launching the Communities of Compassion: Three midsized groups that will focus around the work and workers in our three partner countries. There may have been limited ways to engage directly with the Global Compassion Committee over the past years but moving forward, we desire that there be an open door for all people who share a passion for the work of God around our world. We will be committed to increasing our own understandings of missions, and culture and partnership together. We will serve as facilitators building understanding and relationship between our international partners, CrossRoads Church and the greater community of Red Deer, continuing to advocate for the vulnerable around us and throughout our world. We will learn together, grow together, pray together …and hopefully go together.

Watch for information on these new groups in the Groups Catalogue starting up in 2017.  If you would like more information, contact one of the Global Compassion Committee members or send us an email at

Contributed by Kurtis Kooiker, GCC

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