Sunday Praise!

This bright Sunday morning brought our team various opportunities to spread out within the church community. With invitations from four different churches, our team separated into small groups to each experience these different services and bring back stories to share with the others. A few of our members were even able to share their hearts through God’s word.



I personally (Trysta) had the chance to attend the Kiyndi Pentecostal Church. With a brief history of the recent growth of this community, we learned that the Rwandan population in this area has expanded significantly over the past months due to expansion in the local fishing economy. This resulted in not only the service being translated from Luganda to English, but also into Rwandese. The Rwandan culture was evident not only through language, but also in the differences in dance styles seen in by the small group and choir presentations that opened the service when we arrived. However, despite that blend in multiple cultures, a sense of community was very evident. Many times there were mentions of all members of the congregation considering one another as brothers and sisters. The highlight for me would be the excitement that was shared for three young ladies, all who recently had been engaged to be married, and the blessings that were given with encouragements of maintaining strong, healthy, monogamous marriages. This was very encouraging to see in such a predominant fishing village commonly known for polygamy. God is alive and well in this place.


I (Kelvin) was able to attend the youth service at Buikwe Christian Church. I witnessed young and passionate kids from the primary and secondary school, praising, worshipping and pouring their heart out to God. The pastor had asked if anyone wanted to share any testimonies and at least 7 youths came forward to share and give God the glory. I was asked to minister to the youth today and I thank God I had the opportunity to do it. Speaking on love, equality and unity. This month has been examination season for Buikwe primary and secondary school, they had humbly asked to keep them in prayer for their exams. God is working in the youth in Uganda and today I personally got to feel it.


Trysta & Kelvin



One Comment on “Sunday Praise!

  1. Even if you are far away, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I start my day with reading your accomplishments in the communities which bring me hope, peace and joy. Thank you for sharing and may He keep you safe.

    Tante Elise

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