A Day to Play and Prepare for Worship

Today was our ‘day off’ to enjoy the touristy parts of this region. We briefly saw a bit of the local forest and took a walk in a tea plantation where were learned a bit about the process of making tea. We then headed to Jinja so we could go see and enjoy the Nile. We took a boat and a guide out to enjoy being on the longest river in the world. We slowly moved along the edges of the river where we saw heaps of colorful birds, a few large lizards and a few families of Vervet monkeys!  We also were able to take our boat to the literal ‘source of the Nile’.

We then wen to lunch and enjoyed fresh tilapia fish and tasty chips! After our delicious meal, we headed to downtown Jinja where we did some shopping in some little tourist shops where we were able to pick from the beautiful work of local artisans.

Finally, on the way home, we discovered and made a point to enjoy -a restaurant Tracy spotted and knew from Kenya- Java House!  This is a very Western style restaurant chain started in Nairobi Kenya in 1999. There are now a number of Java House restaurants set up in Kenya and a few years ago they came into Uganda. We enjoyed lovely coffee and tea drinks (very much the way we like them) and some lovely deserts. What a treat!

Now as everyone is going to bed, a few of us have been up preparing for tomorrow. Please pray for us as  3 of us are scheduled to preach at churches tomorrow. Bill Shaw, Lawrence Tomalty and Tracy Minke will be teaching at different churches in the morning. Your prayers are coveted.

Blessings and good night.

One Comment on “A Day to Play and Prepare for Worship

  1. Thank you for your great updates. I really enjoy reading them and thank you all for your awesome Kingdom work!!

    Connie (and Guy)

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