Many miles to come but worth it all the way!!!

Thursday was a very special day to some on the team.  It was time to visit sponsored children and also those sponsored by friends from Crossroads.  Sometimes back in Canada we may wonder if the monthly sponsorship cost for our children actually makes a difference in their lives and YES it does and we got to witness the joy and change that it brings. It was a very emotional day for us.

Bill got to visit he and Pat’s sponsored daughter Rachel.  “A joy to behold” was Bill’s response as she came running down the dusty road and jumped into his arms. bill-and-rachel

Others on the team drove two hours one way on African roads, (something that has to be experienced to fully understand) to visit 4 different schools.  It is amazing to meet the children and be invited into their school class by the headmaster or mistress and have the children greet and sing to us all the while trying not to laugh at the Mazungu (the white man).   At the school of our sponsored child Kenneth, we were invited to go with him to his grandma’s home.  It was amazing to meet them again and see the changes that have happened in the past 5 years. Lawrence now has a small livestock operation in Uganda (5 pigs and a number of chickens). The family is doing VERY well by Ugandan standards.  All the sponsored children we visited are so thankful for the assistance they receive.

Upon our return to the school we were surrounded by hundreds of children.  They even got Lawrence to dance with them which sent hilarious uproars from them all.  Kelvin running with a small football with a hundred more children chasing him was an amazing sight.  We left the schools feeling truly blessed.surrounded-by-kids

Vickie & Lawrence

In the afternoon, after all the wonderful visits, we had the absolute pleasure of visiting our second Village Savings and Loan (VSLA) group. This group consisted of 30 members, 5 of which were men. They are moving on well and are in their 2nd cycle, preparing to give our their shares and profits this December 15th!  We were all invited to come to their party and we wish we could come to celebrate with them. After hearing from the group about their accomplishments and challenges and being able to see their books and ask so many questions, we were able to tour around to see a number of the projects they have been able to start from the savings.  Many of us were touched by the story and testimony of a young student called Stella. We continue to be honored and humbled by the people we are meeting.


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