Going Home- our day of home visits

Today (Friday) was full and wonderful and we are too tired to share all the details but I had to let you know how proud I am of our team!  Today we had the pleasure of visiting homes affected by HIV and AIDS. Each of the households we visited were headed by women who were living positively with HIV.  Some are widows, others have husbands who have married other women and have now abandoned them and their children and still others have husbands that ‘live on the island’ which basically means he is a fisherman who doesn’t do anything to help his family. So, in short, each of the women we met were in extremely  difficult situations but were making due the best they could to raise and care for their families. Many were in Village Savings and Loan Associations and all had their kids in school. All were women who follow God and so even with so little, they are women with hope and joy.


Harriet at her old home with those she cares for.

The one unique situation is with Harriet, well known to Wilma and Bill from their first visit in 2010. At that time Harriet had just lost her husband and was wrecked. Over the years Harriet has been helped in various ways through CHAP and today instead of being the one that is in great need, she is actually hosting and caring for 7 extremely vulnerable HIV positive youth. On top of that, she has been working for 6 years to build a house and she is nearly done, with plans to officially move in this January! What a joy to be able to see her home and celebrate with her.


Harriet at her new home- built brick by brick over many years.

In total our team visited 5 households and we served as best we could by doing physical labor, by listening to their stories and challenges, by praying over the homes and families we met, sharing words of truth and encouragement and by bringing gifts of food packs for their family.

As the sun beat down on us, I watched our team humbly respond to the simple request to cook, wash dishes, work the garden and collect water.  No one complained and everyone pitched in- it was so beautiful to watch!

This afternoon Wilma, Adam and myself were blessed to go visit sponsored children. Wilma met her Caroline at school and we all drove together to her Uncle and Aunties home where she now stays. There was a sweet time in the home together as they talked and enjoyed company.

Afterwards, Adam and I were able to be introduced to our new sponsored child, Marion who turns 5 in a few weeks . There is something very special that happens in this sponsor-child relationship and were again blessed by this time together. We look forward to ‘introducing’ her to our Makena and watching both from a distance and also at time in person as little Marion develops into a fine young woman.

It was another VERY full day and yet we have no regrets. God is at work here- in Uganda and in our own hearts and minds. I am thoroughly proud of how our team is doing and how well they are responding to the various challenges and joys they are experiencing. This is a great team!

Pastor Tracy

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