Busy, Beautiful Day in Uganda

After a good night of sleep for most of us and an early African morning (colorful sunrise, kid-hanging-in-treebeautiful birds singing, perfect temperature with a slight breeze), we headed out for Day 2 –  Sunday filled with Worship & Praise.  The team was divided into groups and attended 3 very different Church services.

Adam & Tracy were in Kampala with the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda (a school friend of Pastor Tracy’s) in a very large church. It was a great honor to be invited and to worship together with those in Kampala.stanley-and-our-spouses

Others were in the Buikwe church where we experienced the “Joy of the Lord” in the hearts of the African people.  Bill got the opportunity to share from God’s Word. Then 6 of the team went to a very rural church (Pastor Eli’s Bridge of Hope) where Kelvin had the privilege of preaching to a small congregation.bev-with-kids-in-church

Sharing the Word from the Bible at Bridge of Hope Church was indeed a privilege. I was nervous as I had never preached in front of a congregation before, and I wasn’t sure what to say. I prayed and almost instantly I got the word, how do I feel when I look at the people of Uganda, and I got 3 words. That led me to 1 Corinthians 13:13, speaking of love. I shared with the church that I was really nervous and God gave me Joshua 1:9, a verse that we always sing back at Crossroads in the children’s ministry. I spoke on loving one another, treating each other equally, always to be hopeful and keeping faith in God. Praying and petitioning our request to God at all times. I was very moved by Pastor Eli and his endless dedication to God and serving his local people in the church. I was very thankful and humbled for the opportunity. (Kelvin’s words)

team-pic-in-townAfternoon was a waltrysta-with-kids-in-townking excursion of the town of Buikwe where our eyes were opened to an entirely different way of life.  The children are so excited to see white people.  We do stand out in the community.   They stole our hearts with their acceptance of us and their antics as you can see in the pictures.


It is now the end of a long but amazing day.  So goodnight from all the team.

-Tomalty’s and Kelvin on behalf of the the team

One Comment on “Busy, Beautiful Day in Uganda

  1. Way to go, Kelvin! God is with you!

    Thsnks for the updates: I look for them every day!

    Praying for you all (wishing I could be there too!)

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