Beautiful Uganda- First Full Day

Today we woke up in Uganda! Our guesthouse had a beautiful view of Lake Victoria, with many unique birds singing songs in the morning. On our team, Bruce has a passion for photography and took many pictures of these colourful birds. As our team gathered for breakfast and devotions, we were inspired by the gorgeous sounds. A number of our team members mentioned waking at early hours because of jet lag. Today’s difficult goal is staying awake as our body adjusts to this very different time zone.

first-breakfast-in-ugandaAfter breakfast we met with International Needs staff Joab and Jamiru, then later with Justus – the Country Director. For team members who have been before (Bill, Wilma, Vicky, Tracy and Trysta) it was sweet to see friends again. The afternoon consisted of gathering supplies from around Kampala, and heading to Buikwe.

One change of plans among many is Tracy and Adam are staying in Kampala over night to spend a bit. Ire turn with Justus and to facilitate a meeting with Stanley Ntagali, the Archbishop of Uganda, and the head of the Ugandan Church. Tracy and Adam look forward to reuniting with the team on tomorrow/Sunday in Buikwe as the rest of the team arrived there tonight.


One Comment on “Beautiful Uganda- First Full Day

  1. So glad you are together on this journey! We are praying God speaks deeply into your hearts. May you count on being help up in our prayers.

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