Safe arrival in Uganda!

We’ve arrived! It took around 30 hours and three hops – from Calgary to Amsterdam, then to Kigali Rwanda for a brief stop on the tarmac, and finally a short hop to Entebbe Uganda. All

But one of the bags arrived so not bad. We’ll be staying the night in Entebbe, hopefully adjusting to the 8 hour time change. Everyone seemed to travel well and got some sleep. We’re happy to all be together, and looking forward to an actual bed! Our day tomorrow will slowly introduce us to Uganda. Firstly, we’ll be meeting a few friends from ‘International Needs’ – the organization CrossRoads Church partners with here. They’ll be taking us to the capital city – Kampala – in the morning to stock up on essentials (i.e., phone SIM cards, etc.). Then we’ll be travelling to Bukiwe district where we’ll be staying for the majority of the trip. If you’re curious where we are, try googling Buikwe. It can be found just to the S.E of Kampala. 

Keep us in your prayers as we adjust to the new time zone and country. Pray that we’re able to overcome jet lag quickly, that we’ll all stay healthy, and that we’ll be open for what God has in store for us!

Adam & the Team

One Comment on “Safe arrival in Uganda!

  1. Glad to hear of your safe arrival. It’s 2am for you. Rest well. Psalm 31:19.

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