A Video Report from the Ground- Haiti

Grand-Goave, Hatit October 07 2016

Report and New Update for all friends and supporters of HAM in the US, Canada and Haiti.

Click blue link to watch latest video from Haiti Arise:  Haiti Hurricane Appeal

An official report, even partial, reported 108 deaths and extensive damage following the hurricane Matthew on Haiti. The situation is catastrophic, said the interim president, Jocelerme Privert at a national palace press conference on the impact of Matthew on the country.

A response plan is being developed by the government, which will coordinate international assistance, says Premier Minister Enex Jean-Charles.

Now about us in Grand-Goave in general and Haiti Arise Ministries In Particular; I was in bed when the storm started. Fauche, Jeanty, Thozin are affected deeply by the passage of the storm. These communities are almost destroyed to me. The Bakery’s roof is gone; the fence of the medical clinic is damaged. Some part in the wall at the children’s village is damaged also.

In addition, the storm did extensive damage to our community and our ministry. Most people in our area lost their gardens; they lose their mangos and their other fruitful crops. Some people lose their housing and personal belongings. Right now they need help to do the necessary repairs, remove the debris and sand that blocked the roads and homes. Some people died in the storm and some other different people have lost much more. Our staff will need our help because they don’t have resources available to cope with the trauma.

During the passage of the storm, my telephone Natcom went out for 2 days and I wasn’t able to speak with anyone, internet and city power went out as well. The storm hits us deeply. I see roof blowing off and some walls are damaged and some are still standing. Most of the trees in our campuses and communities are shaped like sticks.

A numbe  r of 21.102 displaced to temporary shelters and 5,000 affected families are also recorded. The assessment and relief operations continue to know the real needs of the population affected by Matthew. The authorities continue to assess the damage. In the coming hours, a quantitative estimate will be made in regard to livestock losses and plantations destroyed by the hurricane, announces a governmental official.

I also saw some houses being toned up, windows breaking; our staff have their furniture broken. Soeur Lisa, I think when I lift up my head; I see our entire trees and community looked like the aftermath of a huge explosion. Right now, we have debris everywhere; most of the roads are blocked.

Our Natcom networking system signals were out, but thanks to God finally Thursday at noon, my phone and our network system worked. I’m grateful to be alive, I’m very grateful to God for our safety and on behalf of our community and Haiti Arise Ministries; I’d love to address a special word of thanks to those who prayed fervently for us during the passage of the storm.

God has great things in store for you all. God bless

Blessings David Jean Baptiste- Haiti Arise Staff

Grand-Goave Municipal Report
Grand-Goave, October 06 2016- Minister of Interior & Civil Protection

7 deaths, 1 disappeared, 6 badly injured in Grand-Goave
10 shelters providing 604 displaced peoples
11 churches destroyed, 4 damaged, 6 schools destroyed, 3 damaged
Local radio stations and internet providers lost antennas towers
12 electrical power poles fallen
Irrigation channels blocked and damaged
539 homes destroyed, 1749 homes damaged
177 donkeys killed & 16 lost; 4 cows, 1 horse & 3 pigs killed
National 2 highway & secondary routes in town blocked or flooded, making passage impossible
All gardens, plantations and fruit bearing trees destroyed
Rivers flooded in Grand-Goave and affecting all surrounding counties

This gives us a very clear picture of what is now needed in order to help clean up and repair our immediate community of grand-Goave and our surrounding neighbors. Please pray and consider what you can do to assist financially. Be assured 100% of all Disaster Relief funds will go for just that.

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