Calculating the Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew

First we want to thank you for your many prayers of protection during the Hurricane Matthew hitting Haiti. Please continue to pray as the storm rages its destructive course up the east coast of the US. And pray for Haiti still. The hard part will be the aftermath clean up and recovering.

Here are some pictures of a few shots around Grand-Goave.
-Our Tapion church roof was blown off. Large photo
– banana gardens all flattened. Top right-tons of large trees are fallen on homes. Middle right
-Petit-Goave bridge completely washed out and still flooded. Bottom right
-Smsll bridge & culvert in Grand-Goave to Taino beach completely flooded and large mango tree has broken the bridge. Middle bottom
-two large trees fallen on our Haiti ARISE medical clinic, sustaining damage to the roof. Left bottom

We also had extensive leaking in the tech school causing damage to hallway and classrooms.

The best way for you to help is give! Some things we’ll be doing immediately:
– thanks to a donor of $5,000 & another of $10,000 we are cooking food to distribute and giving food packs.
– to repair our perimeter wall on the goat farm we’ll need about $10,000
– to repair the Tapion roof, we’ll need $4,000
– to clean up tree debris we’ll be gathering work crews from our church and community and providing food for them.

We’ll be sending an assessment team as early as flights allow. Then two clean-up & reconstruction teams that you can volunteer to join. We are looking for engineers, construction workers, medical personnel, strong labourers, and people willing to get their hands dirty.
Potential team dates:
– Oct 12-Oct 22. Assessment team
– Nov 1-10/15. Clean up & reconstruction team alongside HFL medical team
– Nov 20-Dec 1. Reconstruction team

For info or to sign up, please contact

Or visit and fill in the contact form.

(For CrossRoads family, please contact Dan Wilson

We’ll be posting a slideshow/ video clip for anyone willing to share with your church or group to collect an offering. This would be very appreciated! Stay posted.

Thank you for your support!

Marc and Lisa Honorat

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