Update and call for volunteers from Haiti Arise

Here is the most recent update from our friends in Haiti.

Around the various Haiti Arise properties:

-2 sections of walls have been knocked down at the Children’s village and also walls around Goat Farm have sustained significant damage.

-a tree fell on the Medical Clinic, details not known about level of damage

-In the area, trees and power lines are down all over.

-Peoples gardens are washed out.

Haiti Arise is currently hosting and feeding many who have no roof as well as some who are trapped and can’t get back to Petit Goave (due to washed out bridge). Look at Lisa Honorat’s Facebook page for video showing this crazy river swelling.

They are now requesting volunteers to come and work side by side with the Haitians to be part of the cleanup and perhaps for the start of re-construction. Currently the call is for able-bodied people who can leave in the next week or so. If you have construction or electrical background, all the more helpful. If you know how to run a chainsaw (to help cut and clear fallen trees), this would also be very helpful. Anyone interested should speak directly with Dan Wilson  our Global Compassion Chairman and Haiti Country-Co lead Dan@GroupWilson.com

If you can’t go and you want to be engaged beyond prayer, we would ask you give directly to www.haitiarise.org/donate

Thanks for covering our friends in prayer,

Pastor Tracy


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