Hurricane Matthew pummels Haiti

Hey friends,

Just want to get you an update of the hurricane aftermath of Matthew. There’s still very heavy rainfall so we have not received a fully comprehensive report of all the loss incurred. But we have talked to our leadership team who have gotten out of their homes to monitor as much as they can, jumping between shelters to get out of the rain.

There is extensive damage in Grand-Goave with trees fallen on homes, walls and power lines. There’s no power. There’s no food. The rain is not yet letting up.

The Haiti ARISE campuses withstood a few blows to our Children’s Village wall, Goat farm wall and the roof to our newly built bakery. Numbers of large trees have collapsed, including monstrous mango trees. Thankfully it sounds like our building structures are fine.

But the whole southern arm of the island has suffered severe loss of homes, roofs, and gardens, which will augment the food crisis. In our community, the mayor reported 500 people in shelters and at least 10 dead.

We are seeking immediate support to distribute food. We can purchase rice, beans and other dried goods, if we can find warehouses that were able to salvage their supplies. We currently have $1,500 US in hand but will need at least another $5,000 in order to provide for our 4 churches & immediate neighbourhoods.

Once we are able to make further assessments, we WILL need your support to help remove broken trees, repair or rebuild homes, and provide food.

I’m thankful that Haiti ARISE is already on the ground and able to provide disaster relief to our people. Please help us & our Haitian brothers & sisters.

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